Abeslang is also known as a wooden tongue depressor and is a healthy alternative. It is produced using only organic and natural wood materials.

Abeslang can be used for many purposes. It is especially preferred by those who have a healthy lifestyle. Due to its organic and natural structure, it also offers a solution to the waste problem caused by the use of plastic. Also, it can be stored easily and is safe as no dyes or chemicals are used.

Abeslang has many advantages. First of all, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic tongue depressors. In addition, it will dissolve in nature after use and will not contribute to the waste problem. Its organic structure is also important for the health of users. There are many studies on the health risks of chemicals used in plastic tongue depressants, but these risks are not found in absurd.

Abeslang can be used in many places. Abeslang is used to examine the mouth and throat by pressing the tongue. Apart from medical use, it is used in many sectors such as beauty centers, hairdressers, waxing parlors, making game and hobby products, food, etc. The most used abeslang type in the market is the ones made of wood with rounded edges, thanks to this form, it does not harm during use. Wooden tongue depressors are preferred because they are easy to use and do not require cleaning. It can also be used in restaurants, homes, schools, etc. is used. It is generally preferred by restaurants that offer natural and sustainable products. Abeslangs can also be purchased individually and carried in a purse or in the car. It is also used in places such as schools, events and festivals.

As a result, abeslang, a wooden tongue depressor, is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative. Due to its organic and natural structure, it has many advantages in terms of environment and health. At the same time, it can be used for many purposes and can be easily stored. If you also care about a healthy lifestyle or want to contribute to the plastic waste problem, you can choose abeslangs.

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